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Jaw dropping fortresses and havelis; Adaptable folk music; Numerous tales of polite and mouth-watering welcome you in a culturally rich state of Rajasthan. Tiger, mustache, ghoonghat and land of camels, Rajasthan is a unique tourist destination when it comes to culture and heritage tourism in India. The house of famous tigers like Machli, Desert State also boasts memorable wildlife adventures. Take care of yourself warmly for hospitality; Excellent stay an unforgettable experience.

  • Capital: Jaipur Location: Northern India
  • BEST TIME TO VISIT RAJASTHAN: Winters (October to March) is an ideal time to pay a visit to Rajasthan.
  • WHY VISIT RAJASTHAN?: To Experience Heritage Forts, Palaces, Mansions (havelis), Wildlife, Sand Dunes, Lakes, Religious Places, Fairs and Festivals, Desert Safaris, handicrafts shopping, etc.
  • TEMPERATURE 24°C to 45°C Summer (April to June) 21°C to 35°C Monsoon (July to September) 10°C to 27°C Winter (October to February) (Welcometorajasthan)
Thar Desert Bikaner
Thar Desert Bikaner

“Land of brave men, extraordinary tales, foreign architecture, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality” A state that invites the visitors to the state with the sweet tune of the country (come to my land), Rajasthan shows the rich culture and history of India. Most of us recognize Rajasthan as the folk dance and music, the huge forts and palaces, the spicy food, the colorful and the big turban, the desert of broad golden sand, the pride of the camel and the Rajasthani men, the Mouche (mustache). Thus, it is an incredible place to visit and enjoy unforgettable holidays. Spread over 34,223 sq km area, Rajasthan is a North Indian state which seems suitable for visitors of all ages. In other words, tourism in Rajasthan is a way of introducing the adventures of a place along with history, culture, wildlife, and nature. Capital Jaipur is an interface for the state as it is composed of majestic castles and palaces, lakes and monuments, and there are many other attractions like Chokho Dhani which attracts tourists for what they see in other cities/villages. Are ones of Rajasthan. The air of Rajasthan is euphoric with cultural magnificence and it is not just ancient architecture which is worthy of praise here, but cities of the state like Jodhpur which are filled with modern-day palaces, which provide the same magnificence and splendor. One of the things that catch the eye while passing through the Rajasthan travel guide is that the urban areas of the state, which have unreasonable relations with culture and tradition. There is still a number of such festivals and festivals that celebrate centuries-old traditions and rituals. Even cattle fairs also look good in tourist destinations like Pushkar and Nagaur. Rajasthanis are known to follow every religious ritual, even without turning slightly left or left, this fact has been linked to the reason why not everyone goes to Rajasthan. The most popular fairs and festivals include Gangaur, Elephant, Teej, Mewar, Marwar, Kites, Baneshwar and many others, which can be enjoyed year after year. Another feather in Rajasthan tourism hat is hot and tangy dishes which can provide a different experience after all. With a fetish for food, those people will be happy to find different types of recipes which not only touch the buds of taste but also describe how food came in the protection of Rajasthani with a difficult lifestyle. Apart from this, the food of Rajasthan certainly speaks about the taste options of the Royals and the style of cooking them unique. Is it one of the onions of Kachori, Mawa Kachori, Shahi Samosa, Mirchi Bada, and Bikaner Bhujiya or Dal Bati Churma, Govind Katte or Besan Gate, Guar Pod Greens or royal tasty options. Rajasthani chicken mussalam, everything has a taste, which leaves an indelible impression in someone’s memory. In fact, it is nothing that Rajasthan is an ideal holiday destination especially in India, which is an ideal holiday destination, and those who attract themselves to culture and traditions and become one of the locals instead of visitors.

Sunset Point Mount Abu
Sunset Point Mount Abu

The most discussed about the most prominent as well as the aspect is architecture in Rajasthan. The whole state is full of havelis and forts, which is an excellent example of architecture which embodies major tourist attractions. The elaborate castles and strong fortresses on the mountains still have the ability to take back time and live the glorious history of Rajputs. So, one is planning to leave with a family holiday or friends, the fort and havelis add their experience of locating one of the historically prosperous states in India. The most notable architectural structures like the Amber Fort, the Kumbalgarh Fort, the Mehrangarh Fort, the Jaisalmer Fort, the Hawa Mahal, the City Palace, the Lake Palace, and the Chittaurgarh Fort are definitely unacceptable for the sightseeing of Rajasthan. Apart from this, anyone should know that with the construction of majestic havelis and forts, the architectural architecture of Rajputs is not closed because the temples are an integral part of their architecture. A large number of temples are exploring almost the entire area. A Brahma temple of its kind in Pushkar and Karni Mata Mandir in Bikaner, Excellent Dilwara Jain Temple of Mount Abu and Ekkalangi of Udaipur, Ranakpur Temple, Rajput temple are excellent examples of architecture which make the state the best choice for heritage tour. Rajasthan gives its guests the opportunity to enjoy the state in a royal way. Therefore, a large number of mansions can be seen which have been converted into heritage hotels. These heritage properties are also ideal for those who are searching for honeymoon sites in the state. Between the natural surroundings, to give all the fantasies of honeymoon pairs, a heritage hotel like Rambagh Palace and Rajvilas in Jaipur, Lake Palace and Udayavalas of Udaipur and Umaid Bhawan Palace of Jodhpur are offering gifts for luxury holiday seekers. Are. An integral part of Rajasthan’s culture is handicraft skills. This largest state of India is a rich source of handicraft and handloom, including jewelry, silver, kundan, and minaret; Fabric, handmade paper, precious and semi-precious stones – stone, painting, leather crafts, marble handicrafts, hand-made items – wood, ivory, glass, bronze, silver, and gold. Rajasthan is also a wild wildlife destination that offers wildlife enthusiasts an opportunity to explore a unique ecosystem with diverse yet rare flora and fauna. Rajasthan is home to a good number of tigers and birds, and suitable places for exploration of your wildlife include Ranthambore National Park, Keoladeo, Sariska, and Desert National Park. Opening more options for thrills and adventures are activities like hot air ballooning, sand dunny bashing, gyplining, camping, paragliding, WhatsApp and desert, and camel safari, for those who want to add more memories to their Rajasthan tour. The state is actually a holiday destination that everybody should plan to travel, it takes you back on time and provides a glimpse of India’s rich and culturally rich country. We want to help you find this incredible land of Rajasthan in the tour by India, and in this way you are bringing a holiday package at the best prices. With our best travel deals, you have an opportunity to explore a Rajasthan, which is everything but unacceptable.

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