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One of the most unforgettable and enchanting experiences you can have in India is to ride through the rippling, windswept desert on camel back and camp out under the stars.Taking camel safari will give you the opportunity to be a witness to the rustic, rural desert life of India. While the desert may be barren, it is surprisingly well-populated.

Where Can You Go on a Camel Safari?
The most popular place for a camel safari in India is in the deserts around Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. To keep the best experience, it is important to consider which location is most suitable for you. Most of the Sam Sand Dunes are on the head, who is full of madness these days and are crowded. Sand dunes near Khuri village in Desert National Park are more peaceful but have started to attract their share of tourists. If you book a camel Safari package from Jaisalmer, then it is most likely that there will be a stop in the abandoned Kuldhara village on the way to Khurai.

Bikaner is also another popular option for a camel safari in Rajasthan. However, the desert is not as effective as Jaisalmer. If you now go to expecting sand dunes, you will be disappointed because they are no longer present. Instead, Safari usually focuses on visiting isolated desert villages.

Bikaner Camel Safari
Bikaner Camel Safari

Camel Safari can be done at least on the way of Bikaner (about half an hour from Jodhpur). Stay at Reggae’s Camel Camp or the Ocean Sand Dunes Resort and Camp. Interesting temples of the Ocean are an added attraction. Manwar Desert Camp and Resort Khianasariya (between Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and Bikaner) is a special option in the desert.

Many camel safari companies will allow you to choose your route, so you can decide whether you want to travel less on the road or want to track more tourists. Be specific about this. Otherwise, you will most likely end up in Jaisalmer in close proximity to other tourists around Sam or Khuri.

If you want to go on offbeat sightseeing, Vedic Walk offers an overnight desert safari and camping experience near Pushkar. This includes a safari through the villages and a unique spiritual walk of the city.

Apart from this, it is possible to go on camel safaris in the alpine desert around Leh Ladakh, mainly from Hundar to Visit in Nubra valley. The camels on these visits are of double hunch Bactrian variety.

Reputable Camel Safari Companies
Be sure to take care when booking your camel safari, because the business is very competitive and it is definitely a case for you to pay. Cheap deals can initially look attractive, but you will find that the quality of food, bed and other requirements is low. There will be more people in the group Make sure you know exactly what the arrangements will be like, in the nearby villages, dinner will be provided or a cook will make you on the open fire in the desert.

Most hotels and backpackers hostels in Jaisalmer sell camel safari (for a commission), but it is better to go with specialist agencies, so you can be sure what you are getting. These include Sahara Travels (next to Fort Gate), Trotters Independent Travel and Real Desert Man Camel Safaris. Details of various safari packages are available on their websites. The safari offered by the Royal Palace and the Hotel Pleasant Haveli is also decent.

If the hooves are going, you can come by 4 pm. And talk to your camel Safari directly with the camps (they are all located in a line). On a standard evening safari, before you depart for Jaisalmer around 8.30 pm, you will spend the sunset in the dunes of sand and return to the camp for dinner and a cultural program.

If you really want to get away from the beaten path and are away from the tourist experience, try the Adventure Travel Agency in Jaisalmer. They will take you to a long camel safari of Timber, who was sleeping under the stars on the army’s bed in the dunes.

There are fewer options for a camel safari in Bikaner. The oldest and most famous operators are Vino Desert Safari, Rao Bikaji Camel Safari, and Camel Man.

Duration of Camel Safaris
It is possible to go on a quick camel safari and return on the same day. However, most people like to go deep into the desert for a few days. Many people choose an overnight option, which is sensible because it can be monotonous otherwise (and you are likely to end up with a throat pain). It involves riding a camel in the desert, watching the sunset, eating dinner, watching the star, waking up for the sunrise and then riding. Desert sunset and sunrises are pretty spectacular!

Longtime options for hard-boiled enthusiasts are available! You can get a travel program to meet your needs.

How Much Will it Cost?
The price of camel Safari varies according to the standard of food and the comfort provided. In Jaisalmer, a prestigious sunset camel starts from Rs 1,000 per person per person for a ride. Expect to pay towards a full day (sunrise and sunset) camel safari package upwards of Rs 1,600. The quality of camel safari starts at around Rs 1,800 per person throughout the night. However, this can increase up to Rs 3,000 for top-of-the-range camping (or glow) features.

Prices can be negotiated, so do not book anything in advance.

What to Expect
Camel ride can be surprisingly uncomfortable after a while. Many people complain of having too much throat and feet till the end of their journey.

On the most basic safari, you may be sleeping on either a camp bed or under the stars. These safaris do not have toilets. Will have to go wild! The more spectacular Safari set up camps with Swiss tents and attached toilets.

When to Go
The best time is during cooler drought months from September to March. After March, the desert becomes intolerable, and then the monsoon season begins. It does not rain much, and the temperature is high. Camel safari usually gets out early in the morning so that some distance can be fixed, and to find and establish a suitable camping place before evening.

What to take with you
If you are going on a long safari, bring some comfort and padded to sit in order to make travel less painful.

Other useful items to bring include sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, toilet paper, flashlight, insect repellent, water bottle, toothbrush and toothpaste, sleeping bag liner and many hot clothes because it is cool in the night in the desert. Could. Keep in mind that you will not be able to take a bath in the desert, so wet wipes will definitely come in handy.

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