Saas Bahu Temple Udaipur

Saas Bahu Temple is an ancient temple built by Raja Mahipal of Kachchhav dynasty in the 10th century; This temple is located at Nagda village (Rajasthan), 23 km from Udaipur. This shrine is dedicated to Lord Vishnu – with many hands; Therefore, the original name of the temple is Sahastra-Bahu (common meaning multi-hand).

Saas Bahu Temple Udaipur
Saas Bahu Temple Udaipur

Introducing Flashback

  • It is believed that Raja Mahipal’s daughter-in-law was a follower of Lord Shiva and a believer and his wife, Lord Vishnu’s faith.
  • Therefore, the king of Kachchhara dynasty decided to build two temples for each other for each owner.
  • As these temples were adjacent and were made for Saas and Bahu, this was called Saas Bahu Temple. Saas means Saas in Hindi and Bahu is from Bahu.
  • Attractive ancient architecture can be found in the temple.

Structure of Saas Bahu Temple

  • There are two main temples in the premises – Bahu Chitra Mandir and Saas Bada.
  • The Bahu temple is surrounded by 5 other religious places and the Saas temple is surrounded by 10 small temples.
  • In front of the Saas temple, there is a torch gate, it is said that on the important occasions, the statue of Lord Vishnu was kept in the swing.
  • There are 3 doors from 3 different directions in the temple complex and there is a room in the 4th direction, which is usually closed for tourists.
  • At the entrance, you can keep statues of goddess Saraswati, Lord Bhrama and Lord Vishnu.
  • The vast complex of the Saas-Bahu temple is spread over 22 meters in width and 32 meters in length.
  • The beautiful carvings of the walls of the temple can be seen until the 10th century.
  • As this temple was built a long time ago, only partial residues are left to admire, but no one can enjoy the excellent art of building these temples.
  • The name of this entertaining temple is also in the list of the historic monuments of the Archaeological Survey of India.
udaipur temple
udaipur temple

The timing of Saas Bahu Temple
5:00 pm to 12:00 pm
4:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Open all day of the week.

entrance fees
There is no entry fee for going to this exquisite temple.

How did the saas Bahu temple reach?
From Udaipur city, you can take a bus or taxi for Nagda.

Distance from Udaipur: 23 km

Distance from Nathdwara: 30 km

Distance from Eklinji Temple: 2.7 km

  • Tips
  • Plan a trip to the ancient Ekinji Temple and visit Sas Bahu Temple and Vaishnava Temple in Nathdwara on the same day.
  • You can plan to stay at a resort near Nathdwara or Saas Bahu and Eklinji Temple.
  • Between the attractions of nature, take your cameras together for picturesque places near the lake.
  • Make sure that you coordinate the time of each temple before you arrive.

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