Rai Ka Bag Palace jodhpur

Rai Ka Bagh Palace, Jodhpur is another tourist destination for you to visit Jodhpur. The queen of Maharaja Jaswant Singh-I, Hadji built this palace. It is located near Raika Bagh Palace Railway Station. Built in 1663, Jodhpur, the famous Rai of Bagh Mahal in India was built. It was one of the favorite palaces of King Jaswant Singh II. Most of the time he lived in the octagonal bungalow of Rai’s garden palace.

Rai Ka Bag Palace jodhpur
Rai Ka Bag Palace jodhpur

In 1883, Swami Dayanand Saraswati came to Jodhpur. The arrangements for their public audience were only done in the public grounds of this palace. They gave their teachings right there. Even Jaswant Singh used to listen to Swami Dayanand in this palace. At present, the palace has an income tax office.

About Rai-ka-bag Palace

  • The palace presently houses the income-tax office.

How To reach

  • By Bus: Raika Bagh Central Bus station is a short walk away.
  • By Train: Raika Bagh Train station is very close-by.
  • By renting or hiring a car/taxi: 

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