Patwon Ki Haveli Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Fort is located in the remote Thar Desert. In the medieval period, Jaisalmer’s place on the trade route made it a prosperous city. Jaisalmer started celebrating the beauty and bravery of the goodness presented by his rulers and Haveli and his rulers. Jaisalmer rulers and businessmen employed artisans to work on Sandstone’s mansion, buildings and palaces, front-facing sculpture, screen windows, delicate pavilions, and beautiful balconies. Jaisalmer’s fort is two hundred and fifty feet high and a wall made of sandstone of 30 feet high. There are 99 strongholds in the fort.

Patwon Ki Haveli Jaisalmer
Patwon Ki Haveli Jaisalmer

Patwon mansion architecture
Jaisalmer is one of the major tourist attractions of Rajasthan. The historical significance of the place is a major attraction for tourists. The presence of many monuments and haveli in different parts of Jaisalmer reflects its rich history. These structures not only tell you about the historical past of the city. They also reveal the beauty of Rajasthani architecture. As a result, with a glimpse of Rajasthani architecture, a large number of tourists get information about these monuments and haveli. There are many haveli in Jaisalmer. Among them, the Haveli of Patwon is one of the most popular haveli in Jaisalmer. It is a wonderful mansion that boasts complex designs and is a treat for the eye. The journey of this mansion is very important during the visit to Jaisalmer.

How to Reach Patwon Ki Haveli
The Haveli of Patwon is situated near the Patwa campus in the heart of Jaisalmer city and can be reached easily through public or private transport. Roads are narrow so it is advised to walk.

Patwon Ki Haveli Jaisalmer
Patwon Ki Haveli Jaisalmer

Entry Fee and Timings
Rupees. Rs 20 for Indians 100 for foreigners and Rs. 50 for camera

Best Time to Visit the Patwon Ki Haveli
Winter: October experiences a better and pleasant weather condition, which marks the beginning of the tourist season. The temperature ranges from 23.6 ° C (74.5 ° F) to 7.9 ° C (46.2 ° F).
Summers: The month of April to July is a symbol of summer in Jaisalmer. They are the hottest months. Increasing temperature in the daytime makes it difficult to enjoy tourist activities. The maximum temperature is about 49 ° C (120 ° F).
Monsoon: August-September is the time of monsoon. Even if Jaisalmer has very little rainfall, it makes the environment humble. The average rainfall is 209.5 mm (8.25 in).

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