Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur

The Mehrangarh fort has the pride of place in Jodhpur due to its magnificent architecture and its associated history. One of the most formidable and magnificent forts of Rajasthan is believed to have been built in the year 1459 by Mehrangarh Fort Rao Jodha. The fort is spread over an area of ​​5 km and is situated on the hill of 125 meters high on the outskirts of Jodhpur city.

There are seven gates, which can be used to enter the Mehrangarh Fort. These 7 gateways have been made by various rulers, and have been made in honor of victory over Bikaner and Jaipur forces.

Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur
Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur

This fort can be seen in the bird’s eye view of Jodhpur, which looks like a blue carpet lay on the bottom of a hill. Every ruler of Jodhpur has contributed to making this fort. You can see the magnificent palace within the fort. The main palace in Mehrangarh Fort is the Moti Mahal, the flower palace, the Sheesh Mahal, Zena Dood, the Takhat Vilas, and the Zhanqi palace. There are two temples inside the fort – Chamundi Devi Temple and Nagne Chiyaji Temple, which are dedicated to Goddess Durga and Kuldevi respectively.

There is also a museum inside Mehrangarh fort, in which there is a rich collection of the palanquin, musical instruments, royal crib, costumes, weapons, furniture, and paintings.

Fort Jodhpur
Fort Jodhpur

Sodagaran Mohalla, Jodhpur, Rajasthan-342006, India

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, open all days

Maharana Pratap Memorial Udaipur Rajasthan


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