Man Mahal Pushkar Rajasthan

Man palace is a treat for tourists visiting Pushkar town of Rajasthan. It is believed that this palace is the largest royal house in the city. The structure looks very impressive and is full of Rajasthani architecture.

The palace is situated very close to the famous Lake Pushkar Lake and another famous attraction. It is in the east of the lake and provides clear and breathing views along with many temples around the lake, along with its edge.

Man Mahal Pushkar Rajasthan
Man Mahal Pushkar Rajasthan

The castle was built as Raja Man Singh’s guest house for a city. It was primarily to be used by the king when he would visit the holy city Pushkar. The palace will also be used by other family members during their trips to the holy city. At present, the palace has been transformed into a luxury heritage hotel and maintained by the State Development Corporation for tourism. The hotel is a favorite for tourists because it has retained the old features as well as the characteristics of the Rajasthani era.

The average cost per night room rate is Rs 1500 to Rs 4000. In addition to swimming pools, spas and various types of food options, such as general amenities such as travel help desk, laundry at home, etc. are available here. Some other tourist favorites are known for the Pushkar cattle fair, Pushkar Lake and even camel ride.

How to reach
Man Palace can be reached using a taxi and is located in the center. If you want to reach by road, there are many luxury and general bus services available from Ajmer. Apart from this, Pushkar is also using rail as Ajmer Railway Station is very nearby, about 15 kilometers. Is away and provides connectivity to major stations in cities like Jaipur, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Agra, Pali, and Delhi. In addition, you can also choose a flight option. However, the nearest airport is Jaipur Airport, which is approximately 148 kilometers. Domestic flight connectivity is far and away from places like Mumbai and Delhi.

Varah temple Pushkar Rajasthan


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