The Mahamandir temple is supported by 84 pillars, which are equipped with complex stone carvings that exhibit yoga postures, graffiti and other artwork within their premises. The main deity inside the temple is Lord Shiva. Located about 2 km from Jodhpur on the road to Mandor, the Mahamandir houses various pre-historic temples and luxurious stone workshops. The walls of the temple are rooted with ancient motifs which enhance the beauty of the huge temple. The architectural sculptures of the temple are quite incomparable. It depicts the skillful craftsmanship of the people of Rajasthan.

Mahamandir Temple Jodhpur
Mahamandir Temple Jodhpur

About Maha Mandir
The temple at Jodhpur, situated on the Mandor Road, is a magnificent spectacle of temple architecture. This is actually the treatment of the eye. The popularity of this special temple has increased so much in the last few years that it is now at the center of Rajasthan tourist attraction. The great piece of architecture is supported by fourteen pillars. There is a beautiful design in the temple which presents different positions of yoga. The best part of these different design characteristics is the details. With the expansion of the beauty of the temple, tourists often feel weird.
The temple is a unique appeal to tourists because it is located in the middle of peaceful surroundings and provides visitors with a relaxed atmosphere. It helps to rejuvenate your soul after being tired after going to one of the tourist destinations in Jodhpur after one. However, if you are not really tired in this way, visiting the Maha Mandir is going to be a wonderful experience because there are attractions in the number of tourists close to the temple. The presence of many entertainment centers along with the famous restaurant will also help you taste local dishes. There are also many shops nearby where you can get various types of local items. Apart from this, if you love the place, there are many quality accommodations in the surrounding area to help make nests in this beautiful place.
Therefore, if you are still confused about where your next holiday will be spent, then what place is Jodhpur? With a large number of tourists who enjoy coming and coming from different parts of the world, it can be guaranteed that the Maha Mandir will really be a terrible experience for you.

Mahamandir Temple Jodhpur
Mahamandir Temple Jodhpur

How to Reach Jodhpur
By Road: Jodhpur is the Udmid Garden in the heart of the city. Visitors can rent taxis or use the local bus service to reach the garden.
By Rail: Nearest railway head is Jodhpur railway station on three kilometers.
By air: Nearest Airport Jodhpur Airport is at a distance of six kilometers.

Best Time to Visit Jodhpur
Jodhpur is known as ‘Sun City’ of Rajasthan. It clearly states that the hot weather conditions have to endure every summer season. Thus, while avoiding obviously, anyone should plan a trip to this vibrant city post-summit between the months of October and March.

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