Jhalana Safari Park | Leopard safari Park jaipur

Jaipur: Shrugging off a protest over the proposed increase in the ticket price for Jhalana leopard safari, the Rajasthan forest department has announced new rates for taking tourists on a tour of this reserve forest area.

Tourists will now have to pay Rs 2,200 for Jungle Safari for a half-hour shed. The Forest Department announced on Saturday that tourists will be banned from taking their own vehicles into the jungle. They will have to hire the jeeps provided by a private contractor. A gypsy can accommodate up to six people. The Gypsy charge will be Rs. 19,00, whereas the entrance fee for each tourist will be 50 rupees.

Jhalana Safari Park jaipur
Jhalana Safari Park jaipur

New rates will apply from Monday (May 15, 2017).

Earlier, tourists were charged a fee of Rs 350 for carrying their cars in the jungle. In addition, the Forest Department has charged a fee of Rs 100 and Rs 800 per person as entry fees for domestic and foreign tourists respectively. But from April 25, the ticket price will go up dramatically as tourists will have to hire gypsies to be provided by a private contractor.

The decision to increase the price of the Safari booking was taken two days ago in the meeting between Forest Department officials and Forest Minister Gajendra Singh Khinwsar.

Leopard safari Park jaipur
Leopard safari Park jaipur

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“We will start Gypsy Safari for the Jungle Jungle from Monday,” a senior forest department official told The Pincity Post.

Wildlife lovers said that the price is excessive.

“This is equivalent to tourists who are charged for Ranthambore and Sariska. Safari track is only 4 km in Jhalana. Compare this to the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve tracks, which are 30 km long, “said a wildlife enthusiast Mahesh Sharma.

Jhalana Safari Park jaipur
Jhalana Safari Park jaipur

It was proposed to implement it from April, it was postponed after protests.

Rajasthan Government is privatizing ecological sites in the state. As part of the project, the Forest Department is riding in a personal contractor to take tourists on the jungle safari in Dzalana.

Spread over 33 sq km east of Jaipur, there are 20 leopards and panthers in Jhalana forest area. The forest, situated barely 3.5 km from the World Trade Park, is a favorite leopard in the last few years.


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