Gadsisar Lake Jaisalmer

Gadsisar Lake was built by the first ruler of Jaisalmer Raja Raval Jaisal and later in the year 1367 AD. In this, Maharawal Gadsi Singh rebuilt it. It is said that the lake of this rainwater once provided water to the entire city. At present Gadisar lake gets water from the Indira Gandhi Canal, so it never dries up. Located on the south side of Jaisalmer city, the entrance of Gadisar lake is in between a magnificent and attractions carved yellow sandstone, known as Tilon-ki-Poll. There are many temples and small shrines on the banks of this lake. One of the most popular Krishna Temple in these temples is Lord Vishnu’s statue. There is a large domed pavilion in the center of the lake. The main attractions of the lake are various species of birds, which come from different places.

Gadsisar Lake Jaisalmer
Gadsisar Lake Jaisalmer

History Lake Lake
Lake Gadisar is an artificial lake in Jaisalmer. It is located in the southern part of the city. Raval was the founder of Jaisal Lake. The lake has a great historical significance because it was Jaisalmer’s only water source. An ideal example of artificial lake construction gem, However, the lake went through a change during the time. This lake was rebuilt by Maharaja Garisar Singh. The lake which used to be one of the most reliable sources of water has turned into one of the most popular places in tourist interest. The visit to this lake will reveal the rich history of the place.

How to reach Gangesar lake
Jaisalmer is well connected to the major cities of India through rail, road, and air. Local transport is very good in Jaisalmer. Auto rickshaw is a cheap means of transport in Jaisalmer city.

The best time to visit the lake
The best time to visit Gadicar lake is between October to March. The weather remains pleasant, which is perfect for roaming around the place.

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