Buland Darwaza Ajmer

One of the finest examples of Islamic architecture, this semi-octagonal door is long, which exhibits the magnificence of Akbar’s reign. This lofty structure was created in 1576 to celebrate Akbar’s victory over Khandesh and Ahmadnagar.

At a spectacular height of approximately 176 feet, this huge entrance gate is the southern entrance to the Jama Masjid. On the outside, a flight of steps below the hill gives it extra height.

Buland Darwaza Ajmer
Buland Darwaza Ajmer

Made of red sandstone with a combination of marble, this monumental entrance shows magnificent carvings and excellent sculpture. An architectural beauty, pillars, and umbrellas on its roof, high door on the roof, fortifications designed and small towers, and two small triple-story wings on both sides.

Visitors to the door will be interesting to see the doors covered with horse-drawn horses, and it is believed that they were stuck on the gate for good luck by the farmers and wanted to take blessings of Saint Sheikh Aleem Chishti. Central Hall goes down to the courtyard of the mosque under the dome – yet another striking architectural beauty.

With easy access to Agra Airport, about 30 km from Buland Darwaza, this majestic structure will take you to a whole different era.

Prithviraj Smarak Ajmer Rajasthan


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