Ana Sagar Lake Ajmer

Ana Sagar Lake Introduction
Ana Sagar Lake is a man-made lake located in the city of Ajmer, Rajasthan state of India. It was established by Lord Rama Chauhan’s grandfather Anaji Chauhan in 1135-1150 AD and was named after him.

Catchments were made with the help of the local public. The lake is spread over an area of ​​12 kilometers. The pavilions of the lake were built in 1637 by Jahangir, the garden of Shahjahan and Daulat Bagh. There is a circuit house on a hill near the lake which was once a British residency. There is an island in the center of the lake that reaches the boat. Boats could be rented from the East side of the Dagal Bagh. Jetty Walkways and Chowpatty are adjacent to each other and Baradari to capture the picturesque lake. Lake is the largest lake in Ajmer, which has a catchment area of ​​5 sq km.

Ana Sagar Lake Ajmer

The lake is about 4.4 meters deep and has a storage capacity of 4.75 million cubic meters. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in India. This lake has been an amazing attraction of the city of Ajmer from the 11th century.

The Best Season for Ajmer Tour is between July to September. Winters are mild and during the monsoon, the average rainfall in the city is very heavy.

History of Ana Sagar Lake
The scenic Ana Sagar Lake in Ajmer was created by “Anaji Chauhan”, which is the grandfather of “Prithvi Raj Chauhan”. Therefore, the name of the lake is named after the ruler Anaji Chauhan. King Anaji Chauhan, 1135-1150 AD Among them was the creation of this lake. He constructed this lake to improve society. Ana Sagar Lake was built by constructing a dam on “Luni or Lavanavari river”. The lake’s catchment was constructed with assistance and assistance of the society. The attractive pavilion near the lake was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1637. “Daulat Bagh Garden” which surrounds Ana Sagar Lake was built by Mughal ruler Jehangir. Circuit residence at the hill near Ensa Sagar Lake once served as British residency.

Ana Sagar Lake Ajmer
Ana Sagar Lake Ajmer

Famous attractions near Ana Sagar Lake
Surrounded by some wonderful pavilions and attractive “Daulat Bagh” gardens, Ana Sagar Lake is one of the most beautiful places of Rajasthan. The beautiful lake of Ana Sagar is surrounded by some other attractions like “Khobra Behroon”, which lies in the southern part of the lake. Other major tourist sites near Ana Sagar Lake are Adi-Din-Khela, Taragarh Fort, Prithviraj Memorial, and Nasian. In addition, a sea ocean can see a quiet island in the center of the lake. A water scooter or a boat can reach the island. To enjoy a boat ride, you can take a boat or water scooter in the eastern part of the “Dalt Bagh”. Visitors and visitors can roam around the extensive lake in the garden. Do not forget to travel to all these attractions too.

How to reach Anasagar Lake
Tourists can easily reach Ana Sagar Lake. Ajmer is well connected to different parts of the country through various means of transportation such as rail, road, and air.

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