A delightful place for romantic people in the heart, Udaipur is the best place for a holiday in Rajasthan. Equipped with beautiful palaces and magnificent lakes, this popular tourist destination has a lot of honeymoon couples and history lovers. This city is the second largest man-made sweetwater lake and is one of the most exotic boutique hotels in India. A Perfect Destination for the Honeymoon Tour, Family Vacation as well as Spend the Holidays with Friends, This Excellent Journey of Rajasthan must definitely go. The charming Udaipur attracts the attention of tourists with its huge lakes, wonderful palaces and plenty of aromatic food. The city is like a fresh breath of air because it is adorned with many lakes in a desert state. Udaipur is an ideal place for a luxury holiday because it is full of boutique hotels that either fringe the lakes or are located between it. In fact, the city boasts of many such palaces, which have been transformed into heritage hotels for luxury seekers to get a glimpse of royal hospitality.

Apart from lakes, palaces and heritage hotels, Udaipur is home to many popular Hindu temples, so a pilgrimage in this tourist place of Rajasthan is also a great idea. Another important aspect of Udaipur tourism is the reflection of rich Rajasthani culture. There are cultural villages in the city, which provides an opportunity to see the great arts and crafts; Recipes of Rajasthan and dance and music form The Shilpagram Festival and the Mewar Festival are one of the best festivals to keep an eye inside the culturally grand city of Udaipur. There are also some tourist places for the history lovers in the city, in the city, there is a museum that reflects the lifestyle of royals, tribal ornaments, turbans, dolls, masks, musical instruments, painting, and puppets. There is also a very old vintage car collection in the city, which is definitely a witness. Tour Mai India provides the best information in Udaipur with its updated travel guide. Find the best time to visit the best hotels, the best holiday packages and the means of transportation.


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