Pushkar is a favorite tourist spot of Rajasthan because it is a temple town. Pushkar town has been curling around Pushkar Lake, which is a holy place where it is said that when a lotus was thrown at the place by Lord Brahma, it had appeared in mythological form. This is considered a chosen city where Brahma is worshiped. Pushkar is situated on the banks of the lake and Devata Savitri and Gayatri are worshiped here as the wives of Lord Brahma. A vacation guide for Pushkar offers you an insight from your tour. Since this is a temple town, you will visit the most important temples of Lord Brahma, Savitri, and Gayatri Devi. Other major tourist attractions in Pushkar will be a fair camel organized in November. There are several hotels in Pushkar lake, where you eat. There is no alcohol in the city and only vegetarian restrictions.

It will be great to see Lake Jagmagati lake in the evening between the photos of the evening lights in Pushkar. Brahma temple mesmerizes with its evening worship mantra bells and lax worship. However, the shoes, bags, and camera are not allowed inside the premises. Savitri temple is important for the Brahma temple. Pap Mochini is 30 minutes away, and there is a temple of Gayatri, which is Brahma’s second wife. Tourism has gained importance in Pushkar because there are spiritual journeys organized, which are rejuvenating, besides shopping, there is scope for shopping; Enjoying a coffee in a small cafe; Shopping for Rajasthani handicrafts and taking camel safari to the sunset point. Visiting simple temple towns like Pushkar is a relief from the insult of complex city life where you can breathe comfortably and give yourself a much-needed break.


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