The lofty architecture of Jodhpur, which attracts tourists’ eyes during sightseeing. The powerful Mehrangarh fort is situated on the top of a hill and Umaid Bhawan Palace is one of the best heritage hotels in the world, which certainly tells everything about this popular attraction of Rajasthan. Jodhpur offers its visitors an unbeatable blend of modern and ancient, which neatly divides the city into two parts, old and new. The old Jodhpur is covered by the famous blue houses, and there are frequent hotels catering to the Hotel hippie culture, and are interested to see this rustic side of one of Rajasthan’s favorite gateways. On the other hand, the new Jodhpur area is with malls, high-end accommodation, amusement park, and cafe and lounge. However, no one can ignore Jodhpur’s magnificent suburb, which is adorned with lakes like Kaylana; And nearby travel sites such as Ocean which is beautiful ancient Hindu and Jain temples; And a desert area for camel safari. In fact, Jodhpur family will have rich and full experience for holidays, honeymoon tours, history lovers, students and for this matter, even for single travelers. For those people, want to revisit Jodhpur’s culture and tradition, which can plan for its holiday during the fairs and festivals like the Marwar Festival, Jodhpur International Desert Kite Festival, and Nagaur Fair.

These popular celebrations give detailed information about the vibrancy of Rajasthan. In addition to the Mehrangarh and Umaid Bhawan Palace, the top places to visit in Jodhpur are white marble Jaswant Thad; Mandor Garden, which is quite famous among local visitors; and Masuria Hills, popular for offering panoramic view of the city. Apart from these, tourist attractions in the city include the exhibition of a park with um garden, a zoo, an aviary and fountains and ponds; And Nehru Park; A game area for children. In Jodhpur, there are many Hindu temples, which are an ideal place for pilgrimage. For touring children and students, it should be seen that the government museum, which displays the desert birds, the military miniature models of the wood and the warships. A Jodhpur tour package is not complete without buying jewellery, bandage work, and spices, especially in the colorful, vibrant clock tower market, which is one of the top tourist destinations. Other handicrafts such as earpieces made from stone and leather shoes ((Juttis) are also the top things to buy in Jodhpur. Another feature and the whole thing is that Rajasthani recipes are preferred to help complete the Jodhpur Travel Guide which is widely used in the city.


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