Jaisalmer is not a popular destination in Rajasthan, in fact, it is a tourism experience which is a dream. Yes, the city is about the fort, the havelis, and the desert, but it is primarily about harmony with which these attractions are in coexistence. What is seen at the best travel destination of Rajasthan is that its main attraction, Sonar Fort / Golden fort is a living fort, whose hundreds of people live within the huge walls. In this city, there are other architectural works such as the ancient Havelis, such as the mansion of Nathal ji and the mansion of Salim ji, which are among other important sights. In everything, Rajputana is a touch of art and culture, which is a part of Jaisalmer. Temples like the beautiful Gangasar lake and Tanot Mata and Ram Deora are an integral part of tourism in Jaisalmer. Desert National Park and Jaisalmer Government Museum to make the holiday a lot of educational and fun, for the family on vacation. This shop is a trip to shoppers who have a special taste in handicrafts and worldly goods and articles

It is the best place to shop for all kinds of souvenirs to take it back as a memoir. You can shop for handicrafts with special Rajasthani touch mirror work and stonework. Hand-woven rugs, blankets, shawls, embroidered cloths, silver ornaments, wooden articles are all available for viewing in this beautiful place in Rajasthan. After an incredible shopping experience in Jaisalmer, focus your attention towards deserving desert adventure activities. Dry and spacious Sam Sand Dunes is the center of some thrilling experiences; Climbed camel safari between the desert, besides jeep safari, you can see the adventure activity like dera kosne. For Jaisalmer’s travel plans, it is important to have an authentic travel guide, which ensures tour mai India is provided. We offer you the best stay with the best combination of sightseeing around the city and the best combination of sightseeing in your chosen budget.


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