Until the 15th century, Bikaner was publicly known as “Jangdang”, at that time, Jat communities like this were Jahat communities like Sihag, Dhaka, Punia, Godda, Saran, Beniwal, Johia and Kaswan. In year 1488, Rajput Rao Beka, a Rathod Rajput, and an elder son of Rao Jodha, King of Marwar, left the court in displeasure after hearing a comment from his father. Then Bikaji started the journey and came to the forest named Jangdadesh. And here he decided to establish his kingdom and turned it into an influential city called Bikaner. In 1545, Sher Shah Suri began to rule over Bikaner. After the fall of Sher Shah Suri, Bikaner became subject to Mughal and later Maratha. Apart from this, Bikaner is one of only two models of biplane, which was used by the British during World War. These models were gifted to the British by Maharaja Ganga Singh, ruler of Bikaner. Located in the northwestern part of Rajasthan, Bikaner is the administrative headquarters of Bikaner district and Bikaner division. Currently, the state tag the fourth largest city of Rajasthan and plays a major role in the development of Rajasthan’s infrastructure. Another unique aspect of the city is its place, the world’s best riding camels can be seen here and it is appropriate Camel country “can be called.

From tourist point of view, there are many tourist sites in Bikaner. For history lovers, there are many sights such as Junagadh Fort in Bikaner, Gajaner Palace, Prachina Museum, Rampuriya Haveli, Bhandarsar Jain Temple, Lalgarh Palace and Museum, Ganga Swarna Jayanti Museum and Sadul Singh Museum. If tourists want to see the religious side of the city, then they can see the wonderful Bhandasar Jain Temple and the mysterious Karani Mata Temple. A popular tourist spot in Bikaner, Karani Mata Temple is known for the presence of rats, which are called kebabs and are considered sacred. When Bikaner visits, tourists should also include Bhandarsar Jain Temple in their program. Sixth Jain Tirthankara is sacred for Sumatinath, this three-story temple is of 15th century and it is the best example of Rajputana architecture. Bikaner Tourism has kept the true essence of this city in every possible way to attract a large number of tourists. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Bikaner with the help of Tour My India Holiday Guide. From the places of foreign Rajput architecture, the bustling markets and aromatic spices, the wonderful desert landscapes of the golden dune, from this place.

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