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welcome to rajasthan About us

welcome to rajasthan about us
welcome to rajasthan about us

About Us

Welcome To Rajasthan is an Initiative taken by the students of Udaipur.

This Welcome To Rajasthan or Website is about Rajasthan. The biggest state of India, The Land of Kings and Royalty. We aimed to provide the Travel, Photos, Social, Lifestyle, Blog, Tourism, Festival, Event, Updates Information and Reviews of the Rajasthan, its Tourist places and much more.

Our team belongs to Rajasthan so being a native from Rajasthan it gives us ease to provide

Everything about Rajasthan“.

It is the first Professional Blog Media of Rajasthan can join in and bring about a change and spread a new Fresh Wave of thoughts by contributing their valuable Thoughts and Insights.

And in this growing world of Social Media welcome to Rajasthan has made a mark of the Ever-growing Social Networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter being. its Kind which makes it a Smart Brand with support of Thousands of people who like it and love it.

Meet the Founder

Hey there, I’m himanshu. I’m a web developer living in Udaipur, India. I am a fan of technology, photography, and travel. I’m also interested in music and web development. and also You can read my tech website technewspaper

himanshu sindhal
Himanshu Sindhal

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